Terraced houses, Wolfsbrunn



Expanded metal type “Design perforation round 20mm“, aluminium 2mm




Wolfsbrunn 11
2453 Sommerein




AW Architekten ZT GmbH, 1200 Vienna

Metal manufacturer

Karl Lang & Sohn GmbH, 8383 Welten

Special features

In this case ProMetall, as the product supplier, executed the planner’s individual design perforation in cooperation with the metal manufacturer; up to 3.3 meter high panels, horizontally adjustable and primarily used as sun protection, were produced on high-tech stamping machines with the highest degree of efficiency and precision to ensure that every millimetre of the overall perforation is visually accurate when closed…;


In Sommerein, at the foot of the Leitha mountains, a residential complex combines attractive design, future-oriented technologies and affordable living space.

The project was planned by Viennese architects AW/Architekten, with its focus on climate protection and cost reduction for future tenants. As a result, the finished project Wolfsbrunn facilitates top-quality cross-generational living at affordable prices. The architects and the non-profit developer Suedraum/EBSG were aware of the project’s sustainability. As a result of architectonic know-how, thermal component activation and top-quality execution, the residential complex Wolfsbrunn is a showcase project in social housing. Renewable energy is obtained at times when prices are lower, stored in the concrete ceiling and used to control the room temperature when needed. This smart heating system saves energy and costs.
The up to 3.3 metre high and horizontally movable metal panels which are used as a visual design element and for sun protection at the façade are an architectural design eye-catcher. ProMetall executed the planners’ individual design perforation in cooperation with the metal manufacturer by means of high-tech stamping machines in a timely manner. We used 20 mm aluminium perforation with the highest degree of precision to ensure that every millimetre of the overall perforation is visually accurate when closed. The result: a minimalist building with an artistic touch. Not necessarily what this building function is generally known for.

PERFORATED METAL SHEET – a new take on a classic

Perforated metal sheets have been produced in Europe since the late 19th century. In the past, perforated metal sheets were mainly used as sieve and filter elements and as protective plates in industry and machine construction. Creative designers and Western European product experts found new applications for the functional metal sheet – in the form of innovative designs for façade construction. Perforated metal sheets are popular for visual protection of façades in modern residential, hotel and office complexes and are often used for staircases and balconies. Nevertheless, perforated metal sheet has retained its practical character in the design sector and is also used as sound insulation in building construction. Advantages, applications robust material, combines functionality with attractive looks, façade design in transparent look, to visual protection, staircase and balcony railings, suspended metal ceilings, ventilation technology, insect screens in residential buildings, sound insulation.