In the past gratings were mainly used in industry or for stair treads, work platforms and other platforms, due to their slip-resistant structure. These days are over. In modern architecture, the weather-resistant, durable material has been used as a constructive and versatile style element for a long time, as it is able to take on various roles, and suitable gratings are available for every object and application! Shading, visual protection and façade cladding turn into visual highlights or trademarks of buildings. Shading, visual protection and façade cladding turn into visual highlights or trademarks of buildings.

As the leading manufacturer of high-quality gratings and perforated metal sheets, ProMetall strives to deliver top-range material and to keep expanding its product range. In addition to stainless steel, aluminium and glass-fibre plastic gratings (GRP) that are mainly used in industrial buildings made of steel, such as power plants and plants in the chemical industry, we also offer gratings made of “high-solid” high-strength steel strip, so-called press-locked gratings. With regards to material, ProMetall quality press-locked gratings made of high-solid are up to 50% more durable than gratings made of hot-rolled steel St 37, they have higher tensile strength, are elastic and not prone to deformation. Especially with regards to extreme loads and challenging architectonic concepts, this product may be the ideal choice to set the perfect design stage for an austere functional building.

In theory, there are no limits to designers’ and developers’ ideas, yet, irrespective of how challenging the architectonic design is, safety on the building site is not negotiable. ProMetall safety gratings are the perfect covering for work platforms and platforms in the industrial sector. As a result of its unique surface structure in the form of holes that are staggered opposite each other, stamped and pushed through, our safety gratings are suitable for a variety of applications and allow smooth implementation of exceptional concepts. Industrial users, in particular, benefit from the general safety as a result of the high degree of slip resistance (R13) which greatly reduces the risk of work accidents.

ProMetall plastic gratings (GRP) with permanent, slip-resistant surface have a high safety factor and are “R13/V10” or “R13/V4”certified. They are developed under strict controls in accordance with DIN 25437-3, produced in monolithic panels by means of injection moulding technology and available in various sizes. The panels easy and quick to install and provide production and application technology solutions for various facilities. GRP gratings are mainly used for runways, treads, gutter, and shaft covers, electrical cover panels and stair treads and are therefore a tremendous success with architects and users. There is no room for slips.

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BMW car park

The BMW car park’s external façade is made of gratings that perfectly reflect the brand, from a topical and visual point of view.

Car park Saturn

An example for durable and extremely robust gratings used as façade elements for our customer Saturn. Visual protection turns into a creative aesthetic element.