Car parks

Sophisticated architecture for car parks. Elements made of expanded metals are combined with beautiful colours, such as red and orange.

Car park Sonnenallee

A car park that looks like a cathedral. The architecture plays with curves and cool materials, turning the expanded-metal façade into an eye-catcher.

Car park Planai

Useful architecture meets an impressive image. The car park emerges from the mountain like a part or the landscape.

Car park Huetteldorf

The Park & Ride complex Huetteldorf meets economic and design requirements. The expanded-metal façade is in perfect harmony with the base colour anthracite and the concrete elements.

Car park Donau City

The extensive traffic building is made transparent and light by the expanded-metal façade. The car park fits perfectly into the city scape.

The delicate expanded-metal façade covers the car park like a coat of mail and creates a visual contrast to the classic building constructions.

Car park Landesklinikum

A symbiosis of technology and successful architecture creates a positive and visually attractive spatial experience – for cars and people.

Car park LKH Mistelbach

The light expanded-metal façade serves as a climbing aid for plants, thus giving the metallic shell an attractive touch.

Transparency is a crucial topic, especially in the parking sector. This is a good example of how to make customers feel safe through smart architecture.

When art and visual protection merge into a building. The combination of well thought-out function and contemporary interpretation of the motif of St Christophorus adds architectural and artistic value to the building.