Architectural wire cloth


Wire cloth paves the way for new architectonic solutions. Functionality and design are literally interwoven. It is used for transparent media façades and allows light effects and the installation of video projections.

Buildings get a visual upgrade and an individual touch. The interplay of light and shade creates special reflections and effects. Depending on the viewpoint and incidence of light, the surface reflects sunshine and clouds in a metallic gleam.

Façade cladding made of architectural wire cloth appears like a building’s “second skin”. Depending on the perspective, the façade looks opaque or transparent. In addition to the visual effect, architectural wire cloth impresses with functions such as sun protection and noise reduction.

The extremely versatile architectural wire cloth has been around since 2013. It is suitable for use as façade cladding and, literally, interweaves functionality and aesthetic. Depending on the light incidence and viewing angle, the cloth looks transparent or opaque, light and shadow create exciting effects. Different fabrics allow individual design that captivates the observer visually and through functions such as sun protection and noise reduction.

  • Individual aesthetics AND reliable function
  • Wide range of different fabric types
  • Various colour combinations possible (painting or coloured wires)
  • Interesting visual effects
  • Also fulfils acoustic and protective functions

Cladding of façades, ceilings and walls, use as sun, sight and noise protection, as room dividers, for safety devices, in the field of object design, as advertising media and for electromagnetic shielding.

Sophisticated appearance, transparent media façades for light effects and video presentations.


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Haver & Boecker architectural wire cloth combines outstanding functionality and great aesthetic charm. A mixture that opens up new perspectives and allows fascinating architectonic solutions in creative design. The extensive range of fabrics and designs allows a variety of interior and exterior design options. Examples: façade, ceiling and wall cladding, sun, sight and noise protection, room dividers, safety devices, in the field of object design, advertising media and electromagnetic shielding. We developed tried and tested tensioning systems for installation.


The wide range of different fabric types allows you to visually upgrade a building and to make it unique. Depending on the light incidence and the observer’s viewpoint the material appears transparent and reveals what lies behind it or hides it from the observer’s view. Light and shadow, sun and clouds are reflected on the fabric surface in a metallic gleam or create the appearance of a second “skin”.

Haver & Boecker architectural wire cloth offers interesting possibilities with regards to colour schemes for façades. Via painting you can apply colour surfaces or create complex motives such as logos or images. Processing differently coloured wires vertically and horizontally creates a special effect. The colour impression changes with the observer’s location. A change in the colour effect of stainless steel can also be achieved by means of long-term chemical coating.

Customers all over the world rely on Haver & Boecker’s performance; this is evident from the creative cooperation with internationally renowned architects and the vast number of building projects implemented with know-how and wire cloth.

In Austria, ProMetall is your partner; we have been considered THE EXPERT in METAL FAÇADES for over 15 years and are able to provide top references across industries. The partnership with Haver & Boecker completes ProMetall’s extensive range of façade products – from stamped, expanded, pressed metals via patterned, coloured metal sheets to top-quality architectural wire cloth made of stainless steel.

ProMetall – in Austria synonymous for DESIGN INSTEAD OF AVERAGE – stands for project support from the planner’s creative idea,
finding a solution together, the competition, via the invitation to tender, to the implementation in cooperation with the steel and façade builders.