ProMetall’s product range

ProMetall is THE leading supplier for top-quality perforated metal sheets, expanded metals, gratings, wire mesh, wire cloth, profile edgings, patterned metal sheets and architectural wire cloth for customers in industry, trade and architecture.

At ProMetall, we implement every last detail of our customers‘ wishes and our products are individual, visually appealing and, of course, technically precise. Products that are tailor-made for each client in accordance with carefully considered designs are the basis for ProMetall’s success.


Expanded metals or expanded gratings exhibit significant strength and surface stability. Expanded metal gratings are made resistant to bending by means of embrittlement. There are various types of mesh: diamond, hexagonal, round, or square, but they are neither twisted nor welded. The material retains its inner stability even when it is cut, this characteristic is very useful in the design of façades.


3-D-effect, resistance to bending, inner strength and stability even when cut.