Sparkasse Graz



Expanded metal type “Zurich”, aluminium 3mm




BVH Eisernes Tor, 8010 Graz, Kaiserfeldgasse 1
Steiermärkische Sparkasse – inner courtyard




DI Strohecker ZT GmbH, 8010 Graz

Metal manufacturer

Gänsweider, 8561 Söding

Special features

Premiere for one of the new and biggest expanded metal types in ProMetall’s range | With a mesh of 400mm, the type “Zurich” is twice as big as the biggest type to date (!) and with its hexagonal build and simultaneous high degree of visual protection it is a specialty in the expanded metal production; it is particularly suitable for covering older, not very attractive buildings…

A bank for young and old

Steiermaerkische Sparkasse has adopted the motto to preserve old elements and create new ones.

In this sense, it invested into the renovation and expansion of the new headquarters in the inner city of Graz in 2021. The premises in the well-known corner building at the Eisernes Tor became the first flagship branch of the bank that is steeped in tradition. The state-of-the-art bank branch with valuable interior design covers an area of 800 m2. Far from being an austere financial institution, it feels like an avantgarde hotel lobby where you can conduct your banking business.

The project focus was on customers’ wellbeing as well as intelligent building technology and “state-of-the-art” technologies that allow Steiermaerkische Sparkasse to make a significant contribution to the sustainable urban development in Graz. There was no visual change to the listed street façade at Joanneumring / in Herrengasse, in the inner courtyard, however, the old building was brought into the 21st century by means of futuristic expanded metal cladding. ProMetall supplied a new, innovative product called “Zurich“ which is characterised by a particularly big mesh of 400mm, one of the biggest produced to date. The 3mm-strong aluminium cladding wraps itself around the old, not that attractive, existing building and provides visual protection as well as a completely new look. Great architecture, spanning generations!

EXPANDED METALS – practical and elegant

Expanded metals and expanded grates are made of a single piece of metal to ensure there are no strands causing wear and tear and no weighed-down connections or welding seams. As a result, the sustainable, robust material exhibits significant strength and surface stability which makes it ideal for use in façade design. Various materials can be used, the mesh is generally diagonal, hexagonal, round or square, neither twisted nor welded. Depending on the type, various effects are possible. The material retains its inner stability even when it is cut. Due to their 3-dimensional character, façades made of expanded metal turn into “eye catchers”.