WHA Fuchsröhrenstraße, Wien



Perforated metal sheet type ”Rt 12-20“, aluminium 2mm


Balcony panels


Residential complex Fuchsroehrenstrasse 13-15, 1110 Vienna




Haring Group Bautraeger GmbH, Vienna

Metal manufacturer

Desaar Stahlbau, 7311 Neckenmarkt

Special features

The perforated metal type we used takes care of residents’ needs for low transparency, as well as the regular structure that is recognisable even from a distance due to its hole size, and the result: balcony units that are visually not fully closed.


The Haring Group developer realised another modern residential complex, a perfect combination of urban living and an encounter with nature.

The two- and three-bedroom flats at Fuchsroehrenstrasse are surrounded by large private open spaces, the neighbouring Hybler park, remarkable infrastructure, and benefit from shopping opportunities within walking distance. Living at the highest level in a green environment without the high rents you pay in the city.
The complex’s modern interior design – aiming at a relaxed living experience – continues on the outside. ProMetall was instructed to take care of the balcony panels. Our perforated metal sheet type “Rt 12-20“ made of 2mm aluminium, combines the residents’ need for visual protection with the desire for balcony panels that are visually not fully closed. The regular hole pattern makes this dream come true. For those who wish to protect themselves from neighbours‘ prying eyes but at the same time experience the spectacle of nature outside their windows. This is why you chose Simmering. There are no limits to balcony life here.

PERFORATED METAL SHEET – a new take on a classic

Perforated metal sheets have been produced in Europe since the late 19th century. In the past, perforated metal sheets were mainly used as sieve and filter elements and as protective plates in industry and machine construction. Creative designers and Western European product experts found new applications for the functional metal sheet – in the form of innovative designs for façade construction. Perforated metal sheets are popular for visual protection of façades in modern residential, hotel and office complexes and are often used for staircases and balconies. Nevertheless, perforated metal sheet has retained its practical character in the design sector and is also used as sound insulation in building construction. Advantages, applications robust material, combines functionality with attractive looks, façade design in transparent look, to visual protection, staircase and balcony railings, suspended metal ceilings, ventilation technology, insect screens in residential buildings, sound insulation.