NATURA 2000 Business Centre, Garešnica



Perforated sheet type Rv 10–20, aluminum 2mm + RAL 9010, and expanded metal type “Gumpoldskirchen” aluminum 2mm + RAL 7016 anthracite gray




Kolodvorska ul. 2,
43280 Garešnica,




Metal manufacturer

SLU-KOM d.o.o., 44320 Kutina

Special features

Volume: 1,250m²/ in total 575 perforated metal sheet panels with special, individual, unperforated edges and 130 expanded metal panels in ready-to-instal special formats

Wrapped in a white metal shirt

The newly renovated Natura 2000 visitor centre is located in the former community centre of the small town Garešnica (Croatia).

The renovation was carried out in the course of the project Green Gardens of Poilovlja which was implemented by the European Union. On an area of 1,694 m2 there are offices, conference and multipurpose rooms, classrooms and a laboratory. The furniture is representative of the area Poilovlje with the aim of raising awareness of endangered species and reducing the destruction of flora and fauna.
In 2021, the entire area with a volume of 1,250 m2 was revitalised and given a new façade. ProMetall produced 575 perforated metal sheet panels (in RAL 9010) with unusual unperforated edges, and 130 expanded metal panels type “Gumpoldskirchen” (in RAL 7016) and delivered them to Garešnica where a local metal construction company professionally installed them in the impressive building. The result is a fusion of classical architecture with a state-of-the-art, visually appealing material that gives the building structure a timeless touch. White “chain mail“ protecting those who protect everything that constitutes our natural environment.

EXPANDED METALS – practical and elegant

Expanded metals and expanded grates are made of a single piece of metal to ensure there are no strands causing wear and tear and no weighed-down connections or welding seams. As a result, the sustainable, robust material exhibits significant strength and surface stability which makes it ideal for use in façade design. Various materials can be used, the mesh is generally diagonal, hexagonal, round or square, neither twisted nor welded. Depending on the type, various effects are possible. The material retains its inner stability even when it is cut. Due to their 3-dimensional character, façades made of expanded metal turn into “eye catchers”.