Liechtensteinklamm (gorge) – “Helix“ stairway



1. Expanded metal type “Leoben”, Corten steel 1mm
2. Gratings type “33×11” Corten steel raw


1. Panels for railings
2. Footbridges


Liechtensteinklamm, Liechtensteinklammstrasse 123, 5600 St. Johann im Pongau


2019; opening 11.6.2020 following renovation


The Austrian Federal Forestry Office took charge of the project management. The new protection concept was developed by geological consultants bf:gh.

Metal manufacturer

SFL Technologies GmbH

Special features

Following a rockslide on 27 May 2017, the natural monument Liechtensteinklamm had to be closed for safety reasons. The Corten-steel “Helix” stairway which extends 30 meters downwards and provides spectacular views, is the highlight of the renovated gorge. Three tunnels, four galleries and 60 safety nets with a total length of 1,100 meters serve to protect visitors. The constructions and safety nets which weighed several tons had to be brought in by helicopter in approx. 7,000 flight minutes.


At a length of approx. 4,000 meters, the Liechtensteinklamm is one of the oldest and deepest gorges in the Alps.

Visitors have been fascinated by this Alpine natural spectacle with its 300-meter-high walls and its impressive waterfall since 1875. Thanks to a donation by Prince Liechtenstein, the gorge was made accessible to the public by means of bridges and footbridges. It is regarded as the favourite holiday destination in Pongau / Salzburg.

Following a massive rockslide in May 2017, the natural monument had to be closed and renovated for safety reasons. The Corten-steel “Helix” stairway is the highlight of the renovated gorge. Designed as a spiral staircase, it extends 30 meters downwards with a total of 367 stairtreads. From the top, “Helix” provides spectacular views into the gorge as well as upwards.

To preserve the gorge’s character and to ensure the installation would fit into the surrounding landscape, ProMetall gave the structure, which is entirely made of steel, a rusty look. The perfect combination of special expanded metal gratings type “Leoben”, Corten steel 1mm for panels for the railings and special grating type “33×11” made of raw Corten steel for the stairtreads, allowed ProMetall to give this public attraction a new glow, and enable Salzburg’s public to visit their favourite gorge again. Tradition and modernity are in perfect harmony!

EXPANDED METALS – practical and elegant

Expanded metals and expanded grates are made of a single piece of metal to ensure there are no strands causing wear and tear and no weighed-down connections or welding seams. As a result, the sustainable, robust material exhibits significant strength and surface stability which makes it ideal for use in façade design. Various materials can be used, the mesh is generally diagonal, hexagonal, round or square, neither twisted nor welded. Depending on the type, various effects are possible. The material retains its inner stability even when it is cut.
Due to their 3-dimensional character, façades made of expanded metal turn into “eye catchers”.