DC Residential in Vienna



Expanded metal type “Eisenstadt”, aluminium 1.5mm


Folding sliding shutters on the ground floor & balcony undersides


DC Residential in Vienna
Donaucitystraße 10A, 1220 Vienna




Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH, 1150 Vienna

Metal manufacturer

Metallbauwerkstätte Fischer, 2111 Tresdorf

Special features

great example for use of one of our extended metals as sun protection, and simultaneously as protection against intruders – and modern look created by delicate, hexagonal slats made of powder-coated aluminium – instead of standard plastic slats…

Happy living by the waterside

The residential complex DC Residential in Vienna’s Donau City combines idyllic, urban living by the waterside with perfect infrastructure and ideal transport connections.

The four-storey building with 63 residential units designed by Untertrifaller Architekten was built directly at the bank of the New Danube, with its narrow side facing the water. The elongated building sits on a straight base, covered with deep black aluminium with garden apartments. On top, three floors rise up with saw-tooth-style bays and balconies that give all flats a perfect view of the Danube. The elegant building’s façade is characterised by wave-like, white balustrades that create a visual contrast to the dark windows. ProMetall was instructed to create “folding sliding shutters“ in the form of modern expanded-metal panels acting as visual and sun protection and protection against intruders on the ground floor. They provide the building with a light, summery flair, in line with the location by the waterside. The delicate, hexagonal slats made of powder-coated aluminium type “Eisenstadt” are a refreshing change from the usual plastic slats and improve the residential complex visually and qualitatively. The front-row view onto Marcel-Prawy Promenade stands for sophisticated quality of life in the midst of one of the most liveable cities in the world. It does not get any better than that! Where can I sign the lease please?

EXPANDED METALS – practical and elegant

Expanded metals and expanded grates are made of a single piece of metal to ensure there are no strands causing wear and tear and no weighed-down connections or welding seams. As a result, the sustainable, robust material exhibits significant strength and surface stability which makes it ideal for use in façade design. Various materials can be used, the mesh is generally diagonal, hexagonal, round or square, neither twisted nor welded. Depending on the type, various effects are possible. The material retains its inner stability even when it is cut. Due to their 3-dimensional character, façades made of expanded metal turn into “eye catchers”.