Apartment hotel Harry’s home & residential building, Telfs



Expanded metal type “Ybbs”, Aluminium 2mm


Balcony panels for HOTEL plus residential building


Harry’s Home Hotel
Weissenbachgasse 21
6410 Telfs




scharner – wurnig – architekten ZT GmbH, 6020 Innsbruck

Metal manufacturer

Leonhard Scharmer Metallbau,
6410 Telfs

Special features

In this case, the small type “Ybbs“ was selected as it is not too bulky, there is no danger of children climbing up and it features a medium transparency of 30% when viewed horizontally. This gives the user of the balcony an almost clear view diagonally downwards; the manufacturer tilted the elements at the top and bottom edge and they were mounted exactly next to each other with consecutive mesh – onto the substructure by means of rivets; the selected RAL-colour in a bronze to gold shade contrasts beautifully with the white walls.


The Innsbruck-based architects Scharner Wurnig Architekten Group describes their activity as smart planning, as they want to create environmentally friendly, energy-conscious and cost-effective designs that live up to the critical judgment of later generations.

Harry’s home in Telfs is such a project; a hip hotel and apartment complex with underground car park and various amenities was created for a sophisticated target group.

The balconies in the complex were cladded with ProMetall expanded metal panels type “Ybbs”, as this model was most in line with the architects’ design and requirements. The delicate and elegant design exhibits a transparency of 30 percent and allows the visitor an almost uninhibited view diagonally downwards and thus onto his natural surroundings. The tight mesh makes it impossible for children and other adventurous guests to climb the balustrade. Furthermore, the manufacturer tilted the elements at the top and bottom edge and they were mounted exactly next to each other in a consecutive mesh. The RAL-colour chosen by the architects is a shade somewhere between bronze and gold and creates a beautiful contrast to the white façade.

EXPANDED METALS – practical and elegant

Expanded metals and expanded grates are made of a single piece of metal to ensure there are no strands causing wear and tear and no weighed-down connections or welding seams. As a result, the sustainable, robust material exhibits significant strength and surface stability which makes it ideal for use in façade design. Various materials can be used, the mesh is generally diagonal, hexagonal, round or square, neither twisted nor welded. Depending on the type, various effects are possible. The material retains its inner stability even when it is cut. Due to their 3-dimensional character, façades made of expanded metal turn into “eye catchers”.