Wüstenrot Salzburg

Voriger Nächster Wüstenrot Salzburg HARD FACTS Material Peforated metal sheet type Rt 3-6, aluminium Almg1, thickness 3mm, anodised Use Fassade / Lamellen Sonnenschutz Location BVH IT-Tower Wüstenrot Alpenstraße 70 5020 Salzburg Year 2021 Architect MAYR ARCHITEKTEN ZT GmbH, 5020 Salzburg Metal manufacturer Unterfurtner GmbH, 4963 St.Peter Special features GOLD RESULT for a ProMetall “high-tech” production; […]

See + Stadt Haid

Voriger Nächster See + Stadt Haid HARD FACTS Material Perforated metal sheet type Rt 3-5, aluminium 3mm Use Balcony cladding Location BVH See Stadt Haid Schulstraße 1 4053 Haid bei Ansfelden Year 2021 Architect See + Maschik GmbH Innenarchitektur, 4600 Wels Metal manufacturer Pfeiffer Metallbau, 4600 Wels Special features ProMetall’s „all-inclusive-service“ = ready-to-install panels with […]


Voriger Nächster Genochplatz HARD FACTS Material Expanded metal type “Ljubljana”, aluminium 1.5mm; RAL-powder-coated Use Façade Location BV Genochplatz Genochplatz 1 1220 Wien Year 2022 Architect Hawlik Gerginski Architekten ZT GmbH, 1010 Wien Metal manufacturer RBR Plaschitz GmbH, 2111 Rückersdorf Special features Special feature: the expanded metal panels were installed with a 180 degree twist = […]

Shopping Centre Oberwart

Voriger Nächster Shopping Centre Oberwart HARD FACTS Material Expanded metal types “Pag” and “Klagenfurt”, aluminium 2mm incl. RAL-coating colour 9002 Use Façade Location EO-Park Oberwart (retail park) Europastraße 2 7400 Oberwart Year 2022 Architect Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in Kooperation mit Studio Singer Metal manufacturer Egger Engineering, 9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten Special features ProMetall’s ALLINCLUSIVE […]

Wienerroither, Klagenfurt

Voriger Nächster Bakery Wienerroither “Kaerntnerei” HARD FACTS Material Expanded metal type “Karlovac” aluminium 2mm powder-coated Use Façade Location Bakery Wienerroither, “Kärntnerei” St.Veiter Str. 194 9020 Klagenfurt Year 2021 Architect Weingraber&Prohart Architekten ZT GmbH, Klagenfurt Metal manufacturer Schlosserei und Portalbau Huber, 9470 St. Paul im Lavanttal Special features The new KAERNTNEREI building was created in accordance […]

Reininghaus, Graz

Voriger Nächster Reininghaus, Graz HARD FACTS Material Expanded metal type “Zagreb”, aluminium 2mm powder-coated elements 1.44×4.5m Use Façade cladding for supporting walls Location Reininghaus construction phase STM7 / GRAZ Visual protection tram line Year 2020 Metal manufacturer GRANIT Stahl-Metallbau, 8054 Pirka Special features In this project, logistics posed the challenge – the production units, perfectly […]

HTL, Villach

Previous Next HTL, Villach HARD FACTS Material Expanded metal type “Villach”, aluminium 2mm Use Façade Location HTL Villach Tschinowitscher Weg 5 9500 Villach Year 2020 Architect Hertl Architekten, 4400 Steyr Metal manufacturer Zoppoth Haustechnik GmbH 9634 Gundersheim Special features ProMetall contributed to a project that was scheduled to last 6 years – conversion, restructuring and […]

Codico Holding, Perchtoldsdorf

Previous Next Codico Holding, Perchtoldsdorf HARD FACTS Material Louvre gratings type “WALL”, press-locked gratings MW 66×44; TS 30×2; FS 40×2; sloping at 45 degree ; flat edgings all round 30×3; Steel hot-dip galvanised + RAL-coating 9007 Use Façade Location Codico Holding Zwingenstraße 6-8 2340 Perchtoldsdorf Year 2019 ArchitectMetal manufacturer Grabner, 8230 Hartberg Special features The […]

Residential complex Wiedner Guertel, Vienna

Voriger Nächster Residential complex Wiedner Guertel, Vienna HARD FACTS Material Expanded metal type “Lustenau“, aluminium 2mm Use Façade Location Wiedner Guertel 24, 1040 Vienna Year 2020 Architect roh Architekten ZT GmbH, 1070 Vienna Metal manufacturer I-V-A Kunstschmiede und Stahlbauschloserei, 1160 Vienna Special features This fine expanded metal / the horizontally movable panels ensure visual protection […]

Residential complex Fuchsroehrenstrasse, Vienna

Voriger Nächster WHA Fuchsröhrenstraße, Wien HARD FACTS Material Perforated metal sheet type ”Rt 12-20“, aluminium 2mm Use Balcony panels Location Residential complex Fuchsroehrenstrasse 13-15, 1110 Vienna Year 2020 Architect Haring Group Bautraeger GmbH, Vienna Metal manufacturer Desaar Stahlbau, 7311 Neckenmarkt Special features The perforated metal type we used takes care of residents’ needs for low […]